Forest Park Hill Climb

Mileage: 1-5 miles

Elevation Gain: 100-1000 ft, depending on how many hills you do.  The high was 372ft.

Map: Aerial  or my GAIA

As always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

2/11/2017  This was a nice little training hike for me close to home and prefect because my weekend was jam packed with non-hiking responsibilities..  I often come here when I don’t feel like snow, too.  Not that that is that often. Wow, that’s a lot of thats.

Forest Park consists of 197 acres in the urban area of North Everett and starting a few years ago, they took advantage of some of the wooded area to create a system of trails that is now used for a hill climb challenge.  I just use it to stay in shape when I can’t get out into the mountains.  The high avalanche warning helped me feel less bad about it.

They say you can follow their route and do 4.9 miles and 1,105ft of elevation gain.  I don’t think I have accomplished that yet, especially because I stay inside the park and off the main road.  I usually just wander around for an amount of time, in this case about an hour.

The trail system is a mix of wooded trail, moss covered stairs, aged service road and boot path.   You can make up your own route, kind of like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books.  It isn’t the wilderness but it is perfect for when I only have  a short time.  It would also make a great stop if you want to stretch your legs before or after a ferry ride.  I will note that because this is an urban park, you can expect a bit more litter than in the wilderness, but most of it is near the section by the main road.  A great opportunity to bring a plastic sack and do a little trail clean up!


Up we go!

The different hills are numbered but I don’t carry the map around so I have yet to figure out a logical order.  I just pick randomly, going up one and then loop around so I can go down the other way.

For those on a more leisurely pace, a local Boy Scout troop has installed a self guided tour of different natural aspects.  The kiosk is located by the picnic shelter.  If you come during the summer, you can also enjoy the spray park and animal farm!  No kids needed.  🙂


I also included some of the man made features, such as when the trail takes me up to the parking lot.  Curbs are a great way to practice balance for skinny log crossings…

I also called on my inner kid and added some time on the playground working on my upper body muscles.  Monkey bars, anyone?

I even got to practice maneuvering around downed trees, just like in my real trail life.

The bushwhacking was optional, I just liked the little bridge so I went through some blackberries to get there.  That’s good practice, too, for all those off trail adventures. Right?

It felt good to get out for at least a little bit today, gotta keep in shape for that next big adventure!

Do you have a favorite urban hike? 



Directions: The 197 acres of Forest Park  are located at 802 E. Mukilteo Blvd.  You can take the 41st St exit off I-5 (#192) and cross over the freeway going toward 41st and the Mukilteo Ferry. 41st turns into Mukilteo Blvd.  Take the first left into the park just after you pass under an old pedestrian overpass.  You can park in the small parking lot just into the park on the left, or follow the road up into the main area of the park.

Check out my page Snohomish County for other hikes in the area.

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