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If you are looking for hiking and backpacking paleo recipes that are gluten, soy, dairy and nightshade free, my Hiking and Backpacking Paleo Recipe Index is the right place!  This is my collection of the very foods I love to take on trail to keep me nourished. And they are pretty delicious if I don’t say so myself.  If you want to learn more about eating paleo on the trail, read my page How To Go Backpacking Paleo.  I, also, share some tips and ideas on lunches and snacks on How To Go Day Hiking Paleo.  For all the posts I have written about eating well, you can click here.

Hmmm…looks like I need to create some paleo backpacking meals that start with the last few letters of the alphabet!  I’m off to make something with zucchini…



Almond Ginger Chicken Satay
Apple Pie A La Mode Apple Dip
Arroz con Leche


Bacon Trail Mix
Banana Blueberry Coconut Good Morning Muffins
Banana Chip Muffins
Banana Fudge Smoothie Leather
Banana Split Trail Mix
Basil Sausage Egg Muffins
Bavarian Mustard Caraway Turkey Jerky


Cashew Curry With Broccoli Rice
Chai Spiced Apple Rings
Cheesy Emoticon Crackers
Chocolate Paleo Granola
Classic Spumoni Energy Bites
Cream of Wild Chantrelle Soup
Creamy Lemon Ginger Sweet Potato Soup


Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Smoothie Fat Bomb
Deconstructed Paleo Sushi Roll
Dehydrated Watermelon
Double Chocolate Banana Bread


Easy Cheesy Pasta (Paleo & Vegan)


Garlic Cilantro Crackers
Golden Milk or Turmeric Tea
Guayaba Coco con Col Rizada Energy Balls


Hickory Smoke Larabars
Homemade Bouillon Powder
Horseradish Mushroom Jerky
Huckleberry Scones


Lamb With Rosemary Meatballs and Jerky
Lavendar Walnut Trail Mix
Lemon Capered Turkey Jerky
Lemon Tarragon Chicken Salad
Lemony Ginger Crackers
Love Yourself Collagen Valentine Gummies


Mandarin Ginger Brussels Slaw


Nightshade Free Marinara
Nightshade Free Pesto Pizza
Nightshade Free Sweet Potato Chili


Olive Oil and Sea Salt Dates
Oven Baked Walnuts with Homemade Ranch Seasoning


Pad Thai Snack Balls & Dinner
Paleo (Bean Liberated) Hummus
Paleo Cheesy Instant "Taters"
Paleo Cracklin' No Bran
Paleo Falafel
Paleo Hot Cocoa
Paleo Mocha Nut Butter
Paleo Polenta or Grits
Plantain Chia Seed Breakfast Cookies
Plum Lime Chia Jam
Prosciutto Date Wraps
Pumpkin Curry Sauce
Pumpkin Spice Granola
Pumpkin Spice Porridge
Put The Lime In The Coconut Pineapple Granola (Grain Free)


Raspberry Chia Jam
Raspberry Rice Pudding
Rosemary Cranberry Pecans


Savory Kale Stone Age Bread
Smoky Bacon Sweet Potatoes
Sneaky Turkey Stroganoff
Spiced Coconut Chips
Stone Age Bread
Street Taco Mini Quiche-Bollos de Huevos
Super Food Breakfast Egg Cups
Sweet and Salty Coconut Chips
Sweet Potato Rice and Mash
Sweet Sage Sausage Hash


Tangy Bacon Pineapple Energy Balls
Thai Basil Chicken


Vanilla Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almonds
Veggie Seasoned Walnut Mushroom Trail Mix


You Won't Believe It's Not Loaded Instant Mashed Potatoes Meal


Zesty Coconut Ginger Walnuts


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Paleo Nightshade Free Hiking and Backpacking Recipes for your next outdoor adventure!


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