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Welcome to Must Hike Must Eat!  Whether you are new to the website or can’t seem to find just what you are looking for, these tips will help you make the most of your time here.   You can always send a message and ask a question or subscribe to our email list and get regular updates when new material is published.

I suggest the following pages as a good place to start learning more about Must Hike Must Eat:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. How To Hike With Others And Love It
  3. How To Go Backpacking Paleo & How To Go Day Hiking Paleo
  4. Dehydrating 101
  5. Must Hike Must Eat (Pacific Northwest restaurant reviews)
  6. How To Avoid The Crowds on PNW Trails

For more general information, check out the following pages and categories on Must Hike Must Eat!

I love to get outdoors and travel as much as I can!  I share information about my adventures, whether it is a trail I have hiked, a destination I have visited, or a national park I have explored.  You can find them in the links below for inspiration on your next trip or trek.

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One of the reasons I started this website was to share how and where I am able to stick to my health goals while eating away from home.  It is much easier to follow a healthy lifestyle if we never left the house or only had to worry about what we stocked in the pantry!  It can be a struggle to make healthy options while being social or out in the wilderness.  I hope these posts give you some ideas for what to pack or where to stop post-hike to fuel yourself with nutrition you can feel good about.

Hiking & Backpacking Recipe Index

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Are you new to hiking or want to learn more about how others “hike their own hike”?  These pages share what kind of gear I like to use for my outdoor adventures, internet resources like other outdoor blogs, online shopping and favorite foods.  You will, also, find a plethora of tips and ideas on Hiking 101 for where to go, how to be safe and a good steward of the outdoors.

Hiking 101


My Gear

Gossamer Gear Must Hike Must Eat North Coast Trail

Could you use some outdoor inspiration?  On Must Hike Must Eat, I share stories from my hikes about the interesting and amazing people I meet, places I have visited and thoughts on life from parenting to advocacy to quitting my job when things just weren’t right.  Maybe you will find just what you need to hear to get out there and live the best life possible.

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If you want to learn more about my background and what’s important to me, visit my About Me page!