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World Spice Merchants Pike Place Market | Must Hike Must Eat #spices #recipes #Seattle

Variety Is The Spice Of Life At Seattle’s World Spice Merchants

Do you think about spices when you want to plan your backpacking meals for the trail?  One meal can be made into a variety of others with just a change of spice added to a familiar at-home meal or back-country dish. Let me tell you about my favorite place in Seattle for spice inspiration.  It …

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Meal Planning Boot Camp Must Hike Must Eat #paleo #budget #mealplanning #organization #healthy #backpacking

10 Steps To Better Paleo Meal Planning

Last year this time I shared with you a meal planning boot camp I participated in that helped me get back on track with the healthy habit of meal planning.  I did this over a course of posts here on the blog.  As I will be repeating them again this year myself, I thought I …

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5 Easy Tips For Making Your Own Backpacking Food | Must Hike Must Eat #backpacking #paleo #vegan #dehydrating

5 Easy Tips For Making Your Own Backpacking Food (Including Pizza)

Whether you are brand new to making your own backpacking food or just looking for some more ideas for varying what you take in you pack for sustenance in the outdoors, this article I wrote up for Washington Trails Association this summer is sure to have something for you.  I share some of the things …

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Dehydrated Watermelon #paleo #vegan #snack #hiking #backpacking #healthy

Dehydrated Watermelon

Jump to the recipe… Yes, I have written up a whole recipe just for drying watermelon. It is one of the things where you get so excited about how something turned out you want to give it all hoop-law you can! Nothing says summer like watermelon.  Backyard picnics with the BBQ grilling up your favorite …

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Paleo at Trader Joe's Must Hike Must Eat Hiking Backpacking Paleo Recipes Pacific Northwest

How To Shop Trader Joe’s for Paleo Hiking & Backpacking with Free Downloadable Shopping List

Seriously, who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s?  The way they make you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island just by walking in to do your weekly shopping alone is worth a visit.  Did you know they are, also, a fantastic source of paleo ingredients and foods for taking out hiking and backpacking on …

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