Creamy Lemon Zinger Sweet Potato Soup and Boot Camp Day 4

I am SO enjoying this meal planning thing.  Because of day 3 where I actually put together a one week meal plan, I was able to limit myself when I went to the store for just a few items because I already knew what I was going to eat this week.  And last night’s dinner […]

Street Taco Mini Quiches-Bollos de Huevos

This is my latest version of the egg cups that I keep on hand in the freezer for busy days, for early morning hike departures and for sustenance on road trips.  Why street taco?  Well, I would just call them taco egg cups but the fact that they have no tomatoes that they are more […]

So Why Do I Paleo?

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Many of us as humans are blessed with the ability to choose our diet.  Even if we prescribe to a particular style of diet, there is often no one way to follow that type of diet.  From vegan to vegetarian to low carb, you could ask 100 people what they eat and get 100 different […]