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Lucky Iron Fish: Adding Iron To Your Diet

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As I was fixing up some of the Creamy Lemon Zinger Sweet Potato Soup a few weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t shared with you one of my favorite pieces of metal in the kitchen and I’m not talking about my Microplane or pizza cutter. A few years ago I was diagnosed anemic and when […]

Friday Faves 1/19/2018

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Wahoo, TGIF! In honor of the Women’s March this Sunday, it’s all about the ladies today! These are just a few of my favorite articles and links this week. Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE! BBC The latest woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize was actually not quite a woman yet by some standards at […]

River Time Brewing

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If you follow me on Facebook or check out my trip reports, you know this is my favorite new place to stop in Darrington, WA after hikes on the Mountain Loop or North Cascades Highway (it’s faster to drive through Darrington than Burlington).  If you ever wondered if there was a good spot to stop […]

Meal Planning Boot Camp Day 9 & 10 and A Paleo Banana Split

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This is it, the last 2 days of the Meal Planning Boot Camp!  I am going to survive this… Day 9 Okay, for this challenge I really had to think, what are 5 other meals I can make from one or two basic meals or “cooking events”? Like roasting a chicken and using the meat […]

Source Lake Snowshoe: Short Trip But A Long Journey

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It has been a long time since we have gotten out with the kids and not just because I injured myself last summer.  Scheduling is hard when everyone has busy lives and that includes the climbing team for one of the 11 year olds!  It’s easier when children are young and dependent on their parents […]

Otter Falls: Don’t Let The Weather Stop You

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It looked like the best day for me to get outdoors this weekend was coincidentally the worst weather day.  But did that stop my friends and I? Never!  We are definitely not fair weather hikers…and we don’t let things like downed trees on the road stop us from our destination! This is a trail off […]

Happy New Year and Boot Camp Days 2 and 3

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It’s here, 2018!!  I don’t know why we get so excited when December rolls over into January but I’m all for a reason to celebrate and remember that each year (or day) is a time to think fresh and new.  Let’s carry all the good stuff forward and leave the unwanted back in 2017.  And […]

Is It Time For Something Different?

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This week definitely did not turn out like I expected it to. I thought I’d be off on a fun vacation right about now, driving along the coast maybe exploring new hikes and eats.  However, life had other plans and I ended up sicker than a dog (like when a dog eats that chocolate covered […]

My 8 Favorite Hikes of 2017

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Despite all my whining the last few months, it really was an incomparable year outdoors for me and those in my circle of outdoor loving friends.  As always, it’s hard to whittle the list of my favorite hikes to one post but I’ll give it a try!  Click on the pictures for my trip report, […]