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Hello and welcome!

Facebook started doing this thing awhile back where you can describe yourself on your profile in 101 characters or less.  I took that as a challenge…

“Seriously? 101 characters to describe oneself?  
Hiker, backpacker, loved one, mother, sister, daughter.”

But it got me thinking about this page here, the About Me page.  Does it really describe who I am to someone who arrives here and wants to know,

“Who IS this Must Hike Must Eat?” 
“Who exactly is Snuffy?” 

When I started this blog, I wanted it to highlight the things that are important to me.  I have called it Must Hike, Must Eat but it really could be Must Hike, Must Eat, Must Cook, Must Write, Must Serve, and an array of other things that I am passionate about.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write about my life (from grade school diaries to bedside journals), when I didn’t love to cook my own food, when escaping into the outdoors didn’t fix most problems (be it a beach stroll, high mountain climb or that time I ran away in 4th grade to a nearby forested park only to come a few hours later), or when I didn’t believe we are put here on earth to be God’s hands.  I spend almost every weekend and all of summer outdoors hiking, backpacking and camping.  My family and friends don’t know how to introduce me to others without using the words “hike” or “hiker”.

Just a few miles From Canada

My love of cooking goes back to being the oldest of 6 in a household where both my parents cooked but if we waited until they got home from work we’d be eating shortly before bed.  I still have my grandparents’ cookbooks, tattered and splattered with love.  Over the years, my passion for cooking has extended beyond myself to volunteering as a cook at a local teen shelter and community kitchen, as well as helping with cooking classes at my local parks and recreation department.

So much food…

But more importantly, I am called to serve others.  We are all given gifts and the ability to be helpers; everyone has their own way of connecting and supporting others. Whether it be working with children and families, sharing my adventures that encourage others to get outdoors, writing words that inspire someone to have hope or take action, or helping to feed those in need, I strive to heed my calling and give back for the most blessed life I have been given.

Why am I telling you all of this? 

Because maybe you share some of these same passions; whether it be to get outdoors more, eat better on trail (or in general) or help others around you.  I hope the stories of my adventures (either outdoors or in the kitchen) inspire you to go out and make some of your own.  If this sounds up your alley, subscribe to the blog.  You are sure to find your next outdoor adventure, tips on how to enjoy more nutrition on the trail or a story to make you think about the world with a new perspective.  To learn more about what to expect, and an example email, click and find out!

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I do write for other publications, here are some examples of my work!

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I participate in a weekly Nature Writing Challenge with on Twitter, you can read my posts here and find out more about this series on public lands advocacy on Outdoor Society.  Some articles include:

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My Mom and I

Hike on…and walk humbly, Shannon

This blog is a labor of love.  If you enjoy what you find here and want to support it, consider a one time gift to my map fund!

Groups I Affiliate With:

 Washington Trails Association (Hike Guide Correspondent and Magazine Contributor)

Pacific Crest Trail Association (North 350 Blades Trail Steward and Lead)

Pacific Northwest Trail Association

Washington Hikers and Climbers (Moderator)

Paleo Hikers and Backpackers (Administrator)




  1. Meghan says:

    Hi Shannon, I realized today as I was responding to your comment that I’ve seen your likes on my blog a few times but never looked at your blog and didn’t know who you were! Well, I’ve been poking around reading random posts and I LOVE your stories. We obviously share many of the same passions but more than that, I’m enjoying your authentic (writing) voice and the gratitude for life that is writ everywhere. I shall enjoy following along with your future adventures. Again, best of luck on your future projects!

    • Snuffy says:

      Thank you, Meghan! I enjoy your blog for the same reason. I am looking forward to more pictures from Utah, the reason your blog caught my eye. I haven’t done a lot a hiking there, last summer being the first real time when we were in Canyonlands. It’s always fun to find others who share your passions!

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