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Saving Lake Serene


It was a wonderful announcement recently that the land surrounding the popular Lake Serene will be saved from logging due to the donations of many of the hikers that use the trail here in the Pacific Northwest. Over $275,000 was raised! It is inspiring to know in today’s environment activism can pay off. For the most up-to-date information, head over to Fort&rra, the agency leading the preservation of this area.

An early section of the Lake Serene Trail is privately owned…the property is scheduled to be logged later this year, impacting the integrity of one of the region’s most highly used and best loved trails. Forterra has stepped in to lead the effort to save this beloved trail and land. Forterra is working to raise funds to purchase the entire 190-acre property. Acquisition will ensure public access to one of the region’s most visited hiking trails forever. Forterra is working with the landowner to preserve and limit the timber harvest to less than half of the property, protecting the creek that carries water from Bridal Veil falls and through the property, and preventing logging from crossing the trail—minimizing the short-term impact to users and saving the land and trail in perpetuity.

This is a wonderful hike just up HWY 2 and although it’s popularity does not guarantee its serenity, if you time it right you can find some peace and solitude despite the crowds.

Have you visited this little gem yet?

Lake Serene 11/4/2015


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