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All The Ways My Cup Runneth Over

I found myself reading a blog post the other day all about the Blessed Project and you know I am a sucker for counting my blessings! Especially when I need to keep my mind off a less than perfect life.

When I first started to think about what I am thankful in my life, it started to look a lot like My 10 Best Hikes of 2017 post that will come out before the end of the year so I thought I would take a different tack for this one and focus on a few other things that I filled my heart with joy this year.  And even though I limited it to these last 365 days and the things I have pictures of, there was still quite a bit to share with you.

I am blessed to be surrounded by beauty.

I can be here in about 1.5 hours…

…or here in about 1.5 hours.

I have this to see enjoy…

…and this…

..and this.

I feel blessed for the gift of friends and loved ones.

My hiking friends look pretty good dressed up…


…but most of the time we look like this.



I have a wonderful family (we are missing 6 here)

and we like to do crazy stuff like this.

And they support me like this…

I am blessed with skills, talents and opportunity.

I know how to cook and create my own meals from scratch.

Tailor made to my own health needs.

I can “unlost” myself.

I can create and fix things when I want to…

…”sew” I can have the kind of things I want for a fraction of the price or just how I want them (to weigh less).

But mostly so I can enjoy things like the bliss of comfort in the outdoors.

I have time to pursue my interests.

And give back to what I love.


I have a job I can take time off from to lobby for trails and outdoor recreation in our state capitol.

I have circumstances that allow me to teach others about helping those less fortunate in my community.

I am blessed by health that allows me to do the things I love.

I can scramble up the sides of mountains (as long as I don’t hurt myself).

And at the age of 47, I am usually one of the youngest on a crew so I get to do cool things like carry the saw.

PC: Mark Ainsworth

I am blessed by community.

I have a wonderful church family that makes prayer quilts and although you never want to have reason to have one made for you, it is a blessing to receive one when you need it.  This one came to me after my injury and it joins the one that was made for my grandfather in his last year of life.  The knots on the ties are prayers said for the recipient.

People who care enough to send their well wishes…

…and a scramble class that wanted to see me graduate in time. Even if I was still in a sling.

PC: John Sadro
PC: Steve

I am blessed with second chances.

Both of us are.


My bf and his kids love the outdoors as much as I do.


Sometimes it takes a long, long, long time to see the good in the loss and disappointment of life but when it happens, it makes it all worth it.

But most of all,

I feel blessed that I live a life that allows me the luxury to do and be a part of all these things because the reality is a good portion of the world does not. 

I recognize and appreciate my privilege and strive not to take it for granted.

And more than likely, if you are in a position to be reading this, you are just as blessed.  Take some time to make a list of all the ways you feel you are as the year wraps up!

And I hope your list is long.

Editor’s note: A search will show there are several “Blessed Projects” including one that helps survivors of sex trafficking in the Philippines or this one that brings attention to the earthquake devastation in Haiti. Both appear to be worthy causes!

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8 thoughts on “All The Ways My Cup Runneth Over

  1. Your list gave me shivers!!! Your friends, the beauty that surrounds you, and the quilt are amazing. I hope you’ve recovered.

    Thanks for participating!

    I’ll link up this fabulous post on Wednesday!

  2. What a delightful blog. I totally enjoyed this piece, especially all your photos. That prayer quilt is beautiful. I hope you heal quickly from your injury so you can get back to doing all those things you love to do. I’m participating in Susie’s The Blessed Project, too, and I was surprised at all the amazing blessings I had to reflect on for this year!

    1. You are so sweet to say so, Lynn! And thank you for the well wishes. I’m recovering slowly and surely but I am definitely not a patient patient. I’m hoping to check out everyone’s blessings lists tonight and I’ll make sure to look for yours!

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