Creamy Lemon Zinger Sweet Potato Soup and Boot Camp Day 4

I am SO enjoying this meal planning thing.  Because of day 3 where I actually put together a one week meal plan, I was able to limit myself when I went to the store for just a few items because I already knew what I was going to eat this week.  And last night’s dinner […]

Street Taco Mini Quiches-Bollos de Huevos

This is my latest version of the egg cups that I keep on hand in the freezer for busy days, for early morning hike departures and for sustenance on road trips.  Why street taco?  Well, I would just call them taco egg cups but the fact that they have no tomatoes that they are more […]

Friday Faves 12/15/2017

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Wahoo, TGIF! These are some of my favorite articles and links that I checked out this week. Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE! A Daily Bag of Goodness A diet that focuses on the ketogenic process seems to be gaining some popularity right now, although it’s been around for quite awhile.  It’s not for everyone but many find […]