Street Taco Mini Quiches-Bollos de Huevos

This is my latest version of the egg cups that I keep on hand in the freezer for busy days, for early morning hike departures and for sustenance on road trips.  Why street taco?  Well, I would just call them taco egg cups but the fact that they have no tomatoes that they are more […]

Friday Faves 5/19/2017

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Wahoo, TGIF! These are some of my favorite articles and links that I checked out this week. Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE!  I’ll be taking a break from my Friday Faves series after this post, most likely until the fall.  As I head into summer, odds are I will not be spending enough time online to make […]


Rosemary Cranberry Pecans

We all know it’s easier to eat well at home but harder when we are traveling. Sometimes it has to do with access to food, but more often it has to do with convenience.  Over the last few years, it has been good to see more and more places offering healthier options to travelers. You can […]

Homemade Bouillon Powder

Editor note: Let me just admit here how many times I had to think about the spelling of the word bouillon while writing this and that was after looking it up multiple times to make sure.  It was a lot.  Like every time I wrote it.  Bull-yawn.  It’s a tricky word.  Even now I look up […]

Nightshade Free Marinara

It’s been a rough week, mostly because my lovely bf has torn his meniscus. He was out on his “Course 2”, preparing to be a SAR leader with a group of SAR trainees when he stepped wrong.  The next thing you know, they are carrying him out on a litter.  The trainer becomes the subject; […]


Horseradish Mushroom Jerky

Anyone else finding more excuses to leave the world behind and get lost in the peacefulness of the outdoors?  The world was gone crazy, I say.  I have to alternate between processing and just wanting to stare at puppies and babies all day. I took yesterday for a break from the madness and spent some […]

Pumpkin Curry Sauce

As much as I love fall, it is a really hard time of year. I go from a very active summer, hiking 10-20 (or more) miles a day, sometimes 4-5 days a week to sitting at a desk job. No amount of morning situps, lunch time walks or bedtime yoga can match that. The real […]


Sneaky Turkey Stroganoff

  This is the first of a few recipes I am trying out for this year’s backpacking season, trying to mix things up a bit and add even more veggies.  Stroganoff is one of my favorite meals.  My brothers and sisters and I ate it a lot growing up and it is super easy to […]

Thai Basil Chicken

Thai Basil Chicken

I usually eat no-cook meals on trail but when I hike with others who carry a stove I offer to bring some of my favorite meals along.  Last summer I led a 3 day backpacking trip into the Olympics to Boulder Creek Campground with some friends (including my mom) and I made this dinner up knowing someone had a brand […]