See You On The Trail

See You On The Trail

As I sit down tonight to get tomorrow’s Friday Faves and blog newsletter together and start writing on Day 4 of my Spring Break Road Trip, I came to the realization that “hiking season” is here.

I know what you are thinking, isn’t it always hiking season with me?  True, it is.  But this is the time of year when I find myself more outdoors than indoors and as I was running the stairs at the hospital garage an hour ago I was thinking about sitting down to write and how I had been planning to make a few changes when summer arrived.  I thought that would be at the end of June but as I was also pondering about how yesterday climbing Mt. St. Helens suddenly appeared on my calendar in the middle of next week and my mind just said, “NOW.”

So, after tomorrow Friday Faves and my newsletter will go on hold until sometime in the fall and posts will come out old school as they are posted (no more than 2 a week, if that).  You may find me more on my social media accounts, who knows. Things will become more random and free, just like I hope my soul will be.  It’s time for me to be more out there than here, both physically and mentally.

I hope you, too, are turning your mind to outdoor adventures and how you will recharge your soul as the weather improves and trails thaw.  And if you are out on the trails this summer and we cross paths, I hope that you say hello so I can meet some of you in person.  I’d like that.  That whole real people thing.


See you on the trails!

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