Wonderland Trail


I got tired to being asked if I had hiked around Mt. Rainier, so I threw my application for a permit into the hat in 2015 following the advice I found in Tami Asar’s Hiking the Wonderland Trail.  Who knew I would win two of them?

She wrote something in her book like “Only attempt a 7 day schedule if you are a superhuman hiker or if you like to defy the Beast of Ultimate Challenge by looking deep into his pitiless eyes.”  So, I chose a 6 day trip.  Don’t challenge ME like that. I opted for a counterclockwise route starting at Sunrise.  We hiked in Sunday afternoon and hiked out Saturday at lunch.

What an amazing time and the perfect way to get a taste of what hiking in Washington State has to offer.  Your walk around the mountain takes you through such a variety of landscape, from old growth forests to lakeshores to barren rockscapes.  I will definitely be back to check out more side loops in the Mt. Rainier National Park.

If you make it through all the pictures to the end, you’ll notice that they end before our trip did.  At some point after Panhandle, I think I simply got tired of taking my fogged up camera out of my pocket and called it a wash. You’ll only have to imagine what Summerland looked like, just like I will since there was nothing really to see that day.

You can read about my planning and daily trip report on my Trail Journal’s blog. You can also find links to the resources I used HERE.


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