Washington PCT

One more day to Canada!
One more day to Canada!

Although I have done 6 backpacking trips, 6 work parties, 2 scout trips and at least 10 day hikes over the last 10 years that have included parts of the PCT, it was in 2012 that I got the hair-brained idea to hike the entire section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State the following year in 2013.  My first night on the trail for this trip was my first solo night in the woods.  EVER.

The Washington section covers about 520 miles from the WA/OR border to Canada and I took about 5 weeks to walk it (4 weeks on trail and a week’s worth of “zeros” at my resupply stops).  I had the support of friends and family who met me at all the passes and at the end in Manning Park.  I hiked mostly solo, except for a few days when a friend would join me to be a part of my journey or when I met “Dream Laugher” and hiked together for 3 days.

This adventure changed my life, I will never be the same again. Something about being in the outdoors for that long, reducing your very existence down to the basics resets you body in such a way that you will only want to return to the trail.  I think it awakes a memory in your DNA of how you were meant to live and you will not feel right unless you return again. And again.

I wrote about my experiences on Trail Journals and had such a great time connecting with other hikers that I have continued to write about my journey ever since. You can also check out my resources HERE if you want to get started on your own PCT journey.

Washington State PCT 2013

These are some of the PCT dayhikes, overnighters and work parties I have enjoyed this year.  Can’t wait to get out more, especially on my newly adopted PCT section!

7/1/2017 Suiattle River Trail to PCT and Vista Ridge Work Party

9/24/16 Hart’s Pass Trail Work and Magic

8/28/16 North Cascade Signage Part 2

8/23/16 Girlfriend Backpack-Pear Lake to Stevens Pass, Benchmark Mountain

7/6/16 Mirror Lake, Cold Creek LoopMirror Lake Cold Creek Loop

6/21/16 Stevens Pass to Josephine Lake Scout

6/13/16 Rainy Pass North Log Out

6/5/16 Stampede Pass Logout


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