When The World Is Black And White

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What is it about black and white photos? There is a current 7 day photo challenge on Facebook and Instagram (and possibly somewhere else I don’t hang out) where the series of photos are all in black and white. I hate those things right up there with chain letters and pyramid schemes, so thankfully no […]

Belonging: The Importance of Tribe

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  This last year thru hiker Carrot Quinn,who I love to follow, shared a book she had read called, Tribe, by Sebastian Junger and after reading it, I can’t help but wish that everyone else would read it to. It is about belonging, veterans, and what is wrong with American society today. The author is Native […]

See You On The Trail

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As I sit down tonight to get tomorrow’s Friday Faves and blog newsletter together and start writing on Day 4 of my Spring Break Road Trip, I came to the realization that “hiking season” is here. I know what you are thinking, isn’t it always hiking season with me?  True, it is.  But this is the time […]

My 3 Favorite Paleo Pancake Recipes and a Lenten Reset

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  Well, here it is nearly the end of March.  I think I have survived.  I posted on February 28th on my personal Facebook account about my routine of making up a batch of pancakes on Fat Tuesday.  It is a ritual I have had for quite some time now, ever since I learned it […]


I’m In Love

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I’ll just come out and say it, I’m in love.  Wild, happy love.  The kind of love that stops your breath in moments throughout the day when you find yourself overwhelmed with emotion.  I’m in love with my life. I am feeling a bit behind on this blog, the past month has been crazy.  Crazy […]


I Am Yearning

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  I had a nice hike with a new friend a few weeks ago on a new-to-me trail.  Almost 7 hours of conversation getting to know an amazing young woman, what was important to her and where she thinks she might be headed in life (at least the first few steps, anyway).  It was exciting to hear her talk.  Her whole life lays […]