Friday Faves 12/15/2017

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Wahoo, TGIF! These are some of my favorite articles and links that I checked out this week. Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE! A Daily Bag of Goodness A diet that focuses on the ketogenic process seems to be gaining some popularity right now, although it’s been around for quite awhile.  It’s not for everyone but many find […]


Saving Lake Serene

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It was a wonderful announcement recently that the land surrounding the popular Lake Serene will be saved from logging due to the donations of many of the hikers that use the trail here in the Pacific Northwest. Over $275,000 was raised! It is inspiring to know in today’s environment activism can pay off. For the […]

(You Won’t Believe It’s Not) Loaded Instant Mashed Potatoes Meal

Editor’s Note: This meal would have been out sooner but I seriously could not decide on a name as amazing as this meal. Not sure I nailed it but Paleo Cheesy Instant “Taters” was already taken. #gari #driedchives #bacon #nutritionalyeast #garlicpowder #seasalt I’ll just put it out there now, this was my favorite meal this […]