Lemony Ginger Crackers

We took these crackers on our weekend getaway to the coast last month. They were a great snack with guacamole and cashew butter (not together, of course). And my bf says they are the best ones yet! #almondflour #sweetpotatoflour #ginger #lemonjuice #eggs #oliveoil #garlicpowder #seasalt #tahini This recipe follows closely with my recipe Garlic Cilantro […]

Pumpkin Spice Porridge

One of my first recipes published here was for my very favorite breakfast on the trail, Grain Free Pumpkin Spice Granola. The problem is, when I started this blog I wasn’t using the custom recipe posts.  This means that post doesn’t show up in the “recipe” section of my site when someone searches for those […]

Cheesy Emoticon Crackers

Summer may still have a few more days on the calendar but once you hit September it might as well be over.  Both depressing and exciting at the same time. Despite the fact that it was only 5 months ago I was still snowshoeing, I’m ready to be done with slugging up a steep slope in […]

Banana Chip Muffins

  We had a 16 mile hike planned to Buckhorn Mountain in the Olympic National Park last May, so I decided to bake up some hardy muffins to pack up the hill. #bananas #eggs #almond flour #coconutflour #shreddedcoconut #vanilla #seasalt This recipe is adapted from a recipe over at Bakerita. I used Enjoy Chocolate chips and shredded […]

Garlic Cilantro Crackers

I have to admit that sometimes although I try and keep a good stock of healthy snacks ready for hikes, it will get to the day before a hike and I realize that I don’t have much set to go.  That is the time when I have to decide to make something from scratch or […]

Snowshoes and Snowpeas

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In between some pretty amazing hikes lately, I have been able to add a few updates to my post Must Hike Must Eat on great places to eat healthy before and after a hike in the PNW by visiting two restaurants I had not actually sat down to eat at yet.  I was not disappointed! This […]


Jammin’ It Up

  Last year, I started making a version of jam that had less sugar (or more importantly, sugar I felt good about) as my son was still eating PB&J sandwiches on a regular basis.  I found this recipe that uses chia seeds and loved it. Not only do chia seeds have health benefits, they make this jam super […]


Paleo Falafel

Hiking and food are topics I can be known to rattle on about and my friends know they are a passion for me.  On Valentine’s Day this year, I joined my favorite Meetup group for a snow shoe up to Artist Point at the Mt. Baker Ski Resort area. #cauliflower #almondflour #coconutflour #tahini #eggs #lemon #oliveoil […]