Paleo Holiday Baking: A Few of My Favorite Things

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It’s Saturday and instead of snowshoeing somewhere beautiful like this… …I’m inside cleaning my house (oh, the dust, dishes and dirt) so I can decorate for Christmas. There may even be some holiday music in the background…and a stack of movies to get me through the weekend.  What, you didn’t know Die Hard was a […]

Savory Coconut Ginger Walnuts

I don’t know about you, but winter usually means two either one of things for me.  I’m looking back at the last year’s amazing adventures or I am beginning to plan my next escapades! Despite all my endless whining about getting hurt, it was truly a great year.  In fact, I have to say that […]

Cream of Wild Chanterelle Soup

This is kind of a bonus recipe because it isn’t really for backpacking but for when you come back from the woods with some delicious little morsels and want something yummy to make with them!  And, since the weather is usually the kind that makes you want to stay home but you braved the outdoors […]

Trail Meal Bases: 5 Grain Free Swaps

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If you have been following me for awhile, you already know some of the ways I assemble my backpacking meals without using pasta, rice, and beans for a base. Those foods are the mainstay of most backpacking meals but for those following the paleo lifestyle or who simple want to eat more nutrient dense foods, […]

Lavendar Walnut Trail Mix

In planning for my Spring Break Road Trip, I was set on making a few different trail mixes to keep me from wanting to stop at convenience stores for snacks.  If you remember when I shared my Rosemary Cranberry Pecans, I mentioned bumming some rosemary off my mom to complete the recipe after tossing my […]

Paleo Polenta or Grits

Sometimes I am amazed at the new foods that I have been incorporating into my diet since making the change to a whole foods, paleo lifestyle.  Although I ate more than my share of unique things growing up (my mom was born and raised in the Philippines), it turns out there are still so many […]

Granola On High

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Remember this cute little guy I mentioned in my Angel’s Landing post?  How he wanted to have breakfast with me? One of the reasons I didn’t eat breakfast BEFORE my hike like a good hiker should was because I got this idea that it would be cool to take a picture from the top of Angel’s Landing. […]


Rosemary Cranberry Pecans

We all know it’s easier to eat well at home but harder when we are traveling. Sometimes it has to do with access to food, but more often it has to do with convenience.  Over the last few years, it has been good to see more and more places offering healthier options to travelers. You can […]