Nature: Do We Really Believe It Is For Everyone?

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It is no secret that our national parks, monuments, trails and other places of nature are being accessed at an increasing rate as many discover the beauty of these outdoor spaces, often to the detriment of the land they occupy.  People who have been enjoying these spaces long before Instagram and Facebook are up in […]

Really? Nature Is Medicine??

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The latest catch phrase is “Nature Bathing“. The term comes from Japan (always so in tune with the natural world) in the 1990’s and is now taking hold in America.  Somehow we are now discovering that time spent in nature works like medicine to not only refresh our spirit but it actually improves your physical health […]

The Battle Is On

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I think February is one of the hardest months of the year, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.  Depression sets in from short days without sunlight and the holiday celebrations are over (No, Valentine’s Day doesn’t count.  When has this supposed holiday EVER lived up to the hype or expectation?). Everyone is hopping three day weekend to three […]


I Am Yearning

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  I had a nice hike with a new friend a few weeks ago on a new-to-me trail.  Almost 7 hours of conversation getting to know an amazing young woman, what was important to her and where she thinks she might be headed in life (at least the first few steps, anyway).  It was exciting to hear her talk.  Her whole life lays […]