Return to Eagle Cap, Day 3: Like An Arrow Through My Heart

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I woke up about quarter to six on day 3 of our trip in the Wallowas or Eagle Cap Wilderness as the morning sun lit up the tip of an unnamed peak rising from behind the ridge above Cached Lake that sits close to 7,300ft. Despite the temperatures hitting the high 80’s during our trip, […]

Return To Eagle Cap, Day 2: Not Your Grandma’s Needlepoint

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We reluctantly woke up from our stealth camping spot in the trees and plotted out our second day.  Where did we hope to camp for our second night? How far did we want to go today and thus tomorrow?  We eventually decided that Cached Lake would be our destination for camping.  There is no official […]

Return To Eagle Cap, Day 1: “Oh, Hell No.”

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“Oh, hell no,” Elizabeth shook her head and uttered these words at me about 4:16pm at the junction to Lookingglass Lake on our first day of backpacking back in Eagle Cap and it pretty much summed up the tone of our trip.  I looked at her and smiled, “That sure, are you?” I don’t know […]

Skyline Divide

7 More Things I Need To Tell You About Snowshoeing

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I’m not sure how this year’s snowshoeing is going to turn out with my bum arm, but I’m going to do my best to get out there in the snow.  I have been looking forward to trekking through some good fresh powder since spring when I finally upgraded from a pair of secondhand snowshoes after […]

Do YOU Talk To Strangers?

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  Do your adventures sometimes end up taking a turn you didn’t expect?  Do you ALLOW your adventures to do so?  I shared a beach walk that we did in Oregon in December, the hike picked randomly out of Day Hiking The Oregon Coast book.  But I didn’t share the WHOLE story of what happened […]

Boondocking At The Blue Heron Cheese Company

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I wrote about some hikes my friend Denise and I did on a short road trip to the Oregon Coast in December like the Sand Dunes, Cape Kiwanda and Drift Creek, but I haven’t shared too much about our road trip itself. This will be the first of several posts on places we stopped and […]