Meal Planning Boot Camp Day 9 & 10 and A Paleo Banana Split

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This is it, the last 2 days of the Meal Planning Boot Camp!  I am going to survive this… Day 9 Okay, for this challenge I really had to think, what are 5 other meals I can make from one or two basic meals or “cooking events”? Like roasting a chicken and using the meat […]

Meal Planning Boot Camp Days 7 and 8 Plus Paleo To Go

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As I head into a second week, this whole meal planning thing is definitely paying off!  I spent a few days away, got home late and being able to get up the next day for work with egg muffins and a leftover meal to take for lunch was worth so much: not only in time […]

Meal Planning Boot Camp Days 5 and 6 Plus Bring Back The Booch!

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My days seem to be bunching up on me but I guess that’s how it is. I can’t believe it is the weekend already and time to be thinking about next week’s meal planning all over again.  That’s okay, I’m ready! What Have I Done So Far? Let’s do a little recap of the daily […]

Happy New Year and Boot Camp Days 2 and 3

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It’s here, 2018!!  I don’t know why we get so excited when December rolls over into January but I’m all for a reason to celebrate and remember that each year (or day) is a time to think fresh and new.  Let’s carry all the good stuff forward and leave the unwanted back in 2017.  And […]

Meal Planning Boot Camp: Preparation and Day 1

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As I mentioned in my last post, Is It Time For Something Different?, I am hoping to get back into my normal meal planning and healthy eating routine I had before I suffered an injury last summer that left me unable to cook for myself (go try and make your favorite whatever only using your […]

Is It Time For Something Different?

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This week definitely did not turn out like I expected it to. I thought I’d be off on a fun vacation right about now, driving along the coast maybe exploring new hikes and eats.  However, life had other plans and I ended up sicker than a dog (like when a dog eats that chocolate covered […]

Convert Your Recipes to the Trailside

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When I was preparing to hike for 5 weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail, I made a large variety of meals so I didn’t really need to convert recipes into jumbo amounts.  I just doubled meals I was already making and dehydrated the leftovers in the months beforehand.  I do, however, dehydrate some staples in large […]