Otter Falls: Don’t Let The Weather Stop You

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It looked like the best day for me to get outdoors this weekend was coincidentally the worst weather day.  But did that stop my friends and I? Never!  We are definitely not fair weather hikers…and we don’t let things like downed trees on the road stop us from our destination! This is a trail off […]

Return to Eagle Cap, Day 3: Like An Arrow Through My Heart

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I woke up about quarter to six on day 3 of our trip in the Wallowas or Eagle Cap Wilderness as the morning sun lit up the tip of an unnamed peak rising from behind the ridge above Cached Lake that sits close to 7,300ft. Despite the temperatures hitting the high 80’s during our trip, […]

My West Fork Foss River Trip and A Little Tough Love

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My friend Anne and I are already planning our girls trip for next summer (one of the ways we make it through winter) and it has me thinking about this past summer’s trip.  Like most of my adventures this year, it didn’t go as planned and it is one of the reasons I have had […]

Valley Fire state park Nevada Wave Arizona

Spring Break Road Trip, Day 1: A Wave Alternative, 4 Wheeling In A Subcompact and My First Night Ever Cowboy Camping

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  Our trip began with a plane ride into McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There is just something about flying in Vegas that is unlike other airports.  All the glittery people and cacophony of slot machines.  The simultaneous release of breath that a vacation has started and the holding of that breath thinking […]

Make New Friends And Keep The Old: Playing Hookie on Hex

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One of the things I did when I went back to my work last fall was promise myself that it would not get in the way of my hiking.  Nothing I do is that important that I can’t take advantage of sunny days or friends’ invites to get outdoors.  The money isn’t worth it, either. […]

Do YOU Talk To Strangers?

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  Do your adventures sometimes end up taking a turn you didn’t expect?  Do you ALLOW your adventures to do so?  I shared a beach walk that we did in Oregon in December, the hike picked randomly out of Day Hiking The Oregon Coast book.  But I didn’t share the WHOLE story of what happened […]

Giving Thanks, Paleo Food Prep and A Kombucha Update

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  I must say that I am looking forward to this year’s holiday season more than usual, I really think the collective “We” can use it.  I love seeing all my friends posting and talking about things they are thankful for. Whether your gratitude list is long or short, it is a wonderful perspective to […]


Getting There is Half the Battle: Eagle Cap Pt. 1

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My hiking plans for summer usually start happening during the previous summer’s hikes and for this hike is no exception.  Last summer as my friend Elizabeth and I were finishing a section of the Oregon PCT, including a 30 mile dry stretch, we (she) vowed that was the last time she would attempt a hike […]