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Lucky Iron Fish: Adding Iron To Your Diet

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As I was fixing up some of the Creamy Lemon Zinger Sweet Potato Soup a few weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t shared with you one of my favorite pieces of metal in the kitchen and I’m not talking about my Microplane or pizza cutter. A few years ago I was diagnosed anemic and when […]

River Time Brewing

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If you follow me on Facebook or check out my trip reports, you know this is my favorite new place to stop in Darrington, WA after hikes on the Mountain Loop or North Cascades Highway (it’s faster to drive through Darrington than Burlington).  If you ever wondered if there was a good spot to stop […]

Meal Planning Boot Camp Days 5 and 6 Plus Bring Back The Booch!

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My days seem to be bunching up on me but I guess that’s how it is. I can’t believe it is the weekend already and time to be thinking about next week’s meal planning all over again.  That’s okay, I’m ready! What Have I Done So Far? Let’s do a little recap of the daily […]

The Great Divide

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  “Cooking is the great divide between good eating and bad.”   This is one of my favorite quotes from the author Barbara Kingsolver in her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  She is best known for her book the Poisonwood Bible but of all her books I have read, this quote is the one that sticks […]

RussBe Reuseable Food Bags

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Some of you may remember I posted last year about how I use plastic freezer bags for my dehydrated meals and wash them after to reuse.  I can usually get several reuses out of each bag, and then it will be relegated to another use like storing toilet paper and such in my pack.  This […]

Trail Snack Round Up 1/4/2016

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Editor’s note: I would fire whoever didn’t proofread the title better but well, I have no one to blame but myself. No, this isn’t from last year!  Did you make New Year’s goals to get back on track after holidays?  That’s your excuse anyway…just like me. Paleo treats are still just treats. I have had […]

Survival Hax Camping Cooking Kit Review

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The folks at Survival Hax asked if they could send me one of their Camping Cooking Kitsin exchange for a review on my blog. I wasn’t sure I need a cooking kit because I usually go “stoveless” but since I have been thinking about getting a backpacking stove and may even make one myself, I […]


Paleo (Bean Liberated) Hummus

Well, my first week of being unemployed feels just like the beginning of the last 15 summers: like vacation.  Except for the daunting task of applying for unemployment part.  And the resume and cover letter writing and scanning transcripts part.  And the figuring-out-what-I-want-to-do-for-a-job part.  And health insurance.  Hmmm, I guess it’s not feeling like vacation all […]


I’m In Love

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I’ll just come out and say it, I’m in love.  Wild, happy love.  The kind of love that stops your breath in moments throughout the day when you find yourself overwhelmed with emotion.  I’m in love with my life. I am feeling a bit behind on this blog, the past month has been crazy.  Crazy […]