Banana Fudge Smoothie Leather

Last summer, I did some experimenting with adding more supplemental nutrition to my backpacking diet. The year before I added an electrolyte replenisher.  This year, I tried for a smoothie. At home, for many, smoothies are great way to include a lot of nutrition in one “meal” that can include protein powders, electrolytes and other […]

Smoky Bacon Sweet Potatoes

This was a little variation of my Sweet Potato Staples recipe that I took on my backdoor hike to Snow Lake via the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Trail I did in November. This year I have started taking warm food in addition to warm beverages because nothing tastes better when you have to stop moving […]


Apple Pie A La Mode Apple Dip

I first talked about this fun little dip that I made up last winter to eat with my apple slices on my snowshoe up to Sun Top Lookout by Mt. Rainier.  Since then, it has been a go-to when I need some extra calories quick.  This is an embellished version of the original; as I make the […]

Pumpkin Curry Sauce

As much as I love fall, it is a really hard time of year. I go from a very active summer, hiking 10-20 (or more) miles a day, sometimes 4-5 days a week to sitting at a desk job. No amount of morning situps, lunch time walks or bedtime yoga can match that. The real […]


Almond Ginger Chicken Satay

You will read a lot about how you should vary your meals and foods on the trail because you will get tired of always eating the same old thing, even if you could eat that same old thing every day at home.  I probably have a rotation of 5-6 meals I take on long trips […]

Identity in a Jar

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I had a moment of realization this morning as I rushed around the house trying to get out the door in order to make it to work on time that I am no longer a “Busy Mom”.  That is to say, I can no longer blame any tardiness on my child. #plantains #coconutcream #maplesyrup #cinnamon […]