Ape Canyon to Loowit

 Mileage: 11+ miles RT

Elevation Gain/Highest: 1400/2800ft+

Map: Green Trails Mt. St. Helens No 364, Nat Geo Mt St Helens

Favorite Eats After Hike: Pack a Cooler

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

4/2015 This was another spring break hike I did after visiting my good friend Elizabeth in Battleground, WA.  It is in the same area as the Ape Caves, another fun hike. The beginning the trail was thawed out and quite a bit muddy and my favorite part was the sign for indicating a Big Foot crossing.  I only came upon a herd of elk, of course.  Still scared the ghost out of me, though. The trail ran the lahar flow from the mountain’s famous eruption and I caugh glimpses of her majesty still decked out in winter’s cloak, just starting to thaw out. When I hit the forest section and before I came out onto the volcanic plain, there were a few patches of snow on the ridge.  This is where I startled the elk!  As I came to the end of the trail where it hits the Loowit, there was evidence of seismology equipment keeping tabs on ongoing activity.  The snow was minimal so I continued up onto the Loowit for a bit until time had me reverse for my return trip.  I still have the Loowit on my radar, one of these days I’ll fit it into my hiking schedule.



Directions: From Woodland, take Lewis River Road (SR 503) east for 32 miles. Continue east on FR 90 for 3.2 miles, then veer left on FR 83 and proceed 11.2 miles to the TH. This road is often closed for the winter season. The road continues past to Lava Canyon, you want a parking lot on your left. There is no bathroom.

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