Skyline Divide

Mileage: 7+ miles RT

Elevation Gain/Highest: 2100 ft/6563 ft

Map: Green Trails No 13 Mount Baker

Favorite Eats After Hike: The North Fork Brewery (the beer shrine).

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  

Pretty please.

My Hike:

8/30/2015: The first time I did this hike, it looked like this.  As in, I didn’t bother to take my camera out except for a group photo at the end because it was nothing but socked in and sideways rain and then SNOW.  In August. It was pretty miserable.


10/22/2016 I finally did a hike off the Mount Baker Highway and actually SAW Mount Baker! We got up early with the promise of no rain and were one of the first folks on the trail.  The climb starts out in the forest but it isn’t long until you up on the ridge and it is simply view after view.  You will have some steep ups and downs as you move along the ridge towards Baker but if the mountain is in view it will be all worth it! The trail goes to 6500 ft but we stopped at about 6250 due to safety.

Photo credit to Michael Rohani
Photo credit to Michael Rohani


Directions: Head east on SR 542 to MP 34.3 just past the ranger station.  Turn right on Glacier Creek Rd (FR 39) and then take the immediate left turn on FR 37. You will drive a rocky and rough gravel road about 12.7 miles to the trailhead at 4350 ft elevation. NW Forest Pass required.

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