Hannegan Pass

Mileage: 10.4 miles RT

Elevation Gain/High: 3100/6200ft

Map: Green Trails Mount Shuksan No. 14

Favorite Eats After Hike: North Fork Brewery (beer shrine)

As always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

5/14/2016 The road to Hannegan Pass is a pretty drive, save the potholes on the first part of road and the last. There is a good size washout about a mile from the TH but it’s passable.
We carried snowshoes but never used them, starting out about 9:30am.
The first part of the trail is the decommissioned road. There is a significant slide with a bootpath through it and nice mud pit on the other side of it. Looks like sand was put down on both sides of it but it’s still a mess.
As the trail meanders through the valley, there is an evolving series of snow patches and snow bridges. One was pretty sketchy and took us a little while to decide the best way to go. We ended up going up a ways, then down then back up and down again. A few other patches of snow in the next chutes had holes forming and water running underneath. With the warm weather they will all probably take turns being sketchy.
There are a few other debris slides before reaching the junction signed for camping and the snow was solid from there up.
We put our spikes on at this point to be safe and headed up towards the pass about 12:30pm.
We followed what should have been the trail for a bit but then some of us headed straight up towards the peak and some of us kept with the trail pretty well and went right to the pass first, then went left meeting them at a viewpoint before we continued the steep climb towards the peak.
We got to about 5700ft before it was simply too steep and folks were sliding, so we pulled over on a brushy rock cropping and had lunch watching some backcountry skiers on the landscape across from us.
We headed back down at 2:15, the snow was slushy and we glissaded in parts closer to the pass.
There were several other groups out but most looked like they were content with turning around before the campsites junction.
We were back to our cars at 4:45pm, muddy and tired but pleased with another great hike!

Directions: Head east on SR 542 about 46 miles to 13 miles past Glacier Public Service Center. Just before the third crossing of the Nooksack River Bridge, turn left on road No. 32. At 1.3 miles, take the left fork (Ruth Creek Road) and continue 5.4 miles to the end of the road at Hannegan Campground.

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