Stetattle Ridge

Mileage: 9+ miles RT

Elevation Gain/High: 5500ft/6495ft

Map: Green Trails Diablo No. 48, Ross Lake No. 16

Favorite Eats After Hike: 5 B’s Bakery

As always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My hike:

11/28/2015 This one was on my list all summer, of course I head up for the first time with snow expected (so many other forest roads blocked!).  Snow and ice on most of the trail due to shade, a few trees to maneuver, and enough snow at about 4500 to justify snowshoes.  Not being sure where to go right to cross Sourdough Creek safely and head up to the lookout, I followed other tracks basically straight up and onto the Stetattle Ridge.  There seemed to be other folks with the same idea, lots of random trails to be seen heading over to Sourdough Mountain Ridge from there.  Same elevation gain and beautiful views so I couldn’t complain.  I’ll have to come back when the trail is easier to follow.


Directions: From Marblemount, drive SR 20 east for 20 miles. Turn left on Diablo Road and proceed 0.7 mile. Cross the Stetattle Creek bridge, bear right and reach the trailhead in 0.25 mile. There really isn’t a parking lot, just space along the road.  You will see a cement building that used to be a pool house and an old tennis court. Although the sign for the TH is on the left of this building, you will start the trail on the right side.  You will know it by the line up of improvised walking sticks!


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