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Spring Break Road Trip: Where Do I Start?


6 days, 1100+ miles, 4 states, 5 national parks,  2 state parks, 10 hikes and one big adventure.

Returning home from vacation is never easy. 

Although I was ready to sleep in my own bed and see loved ones, there is that mix of loss and disappointment at returning to the same familiar life where nothing has changed except for me. 

Travel somehow seems to expand me beyond who I was when I left and my life seems just a bit more snug upon my return.  Like clothes that don’t fit anymore.  And unlike when I gain actual weight, I don’t want to shrink back into the previous size.

I only long to go out and explore more…

I’m excited to share my trip with you and I am starting to organize how I want to do that best.  There are, of course, different ways to share an adventure with others.

There is the story of what happened, you know, tales of cowboy camping out under the stars in the desert and on the edge of a canyon, dodging elk and wild cows, a guy stripping down to his underwear and doing yoga poses on top of a sand dune, and hoping when you get back to the airport that the rental car company can’t tell you may have taken your tiny subcompact car a little too far up the wrong road. Do people still read stories?

And then there is information, like our route and tips on visiting the places we stopped at, how we camped for free every night except the one place we had to have reservations, all the glorious pictures, and what food I packed so that I stayed paleo and we didn’t eat out the entire time.  Okay once, but it wasn’t in a restaurant. The nitty gritty, get-to-the-point details for those who just want the facts, mam.

And then there are the observations about what I learned on my trip.  How things weren’t as I expected them so be and what I would do differently next time.  And maybe at least one rant.

But most of all, how we live in a beautiful place that everyone must not take for granted and should get out to experience as much possible. One should not be satisfied with just looking at pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  Because they never tell the whole story.

Head over to Spring Break Road Trip Day 1: A Wave Alternative, 4 Wheeling In A Subcompact and My First Night Ever Cowboy Camping to hear about our vacation!

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One thought on “Spring Break Road Trip: Where Do I Start?

  1. I am so looking forward to your stories. Photos are lovely but rarely relate the entirety of our experiences — and without sharing our stories, how we’ve been changed and how we’ve grown, we cannot truly make human connection.

    Finally, I love your description of travel as causing you to feel like you’ve expanded and how your life thus feels more constricted. I’ve had that feeling quite a bit in the past few years and I totally recognized your eloquent analogy.

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