Old Beckler Trail Snowshoe

Mileage: Roughly 3 miles RT

Elevation Gain/High: 1500 ft/4200ft (stopped at viewpoint)

Map: Green Trail Skykomish No. 175

Favorite Eats After Hike: Wallace Falls Café

As always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

3/18/2016 I drove up FR 6066 to see how far I could get before having to park. The road was full of potholes and LOTS of debris, there are several branches that will want to swipe your car. I parked a little more than 4 miles in on a curve in the road when I felt my tires start to lose traction in the snow on the road (I’ve already been stuck once this season). There were recent tire marks well past the 5 mile mark (that’s as far as I went with snowshoes) and the snow on the road was not that high in between the ruts. I decided to not walk all the way to the new TH but headed up the old trail because there were tracks to follow and the snow was compact. Made it up to about 4200ft by 4pm, enjoyed the views and headed back down to the car.

Directions: Take Highway 2 to Skykomish. 1.9 miles after passing the ranger station, take a left turn on FR 6066 (a sign indicates this road). When you see the sign, immediately slow down and prepare to turn–the turn comes up very quickly. There is a fork 1.8 miles up FR 6066. Bear right, uphill. At about 5 miles from the highway, start to look on your left for the old abandoned trail that parallels the road at the beginning. There is a small pullout but no real parking here.

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