Pacific Crest Trail


Oh, the Pacific Crest Trail.  You would practically have to be living under a rock to not heard something about this national scenic trail that runs 2664 miles from Mexico to Canada atop the crest of mountains along the Western section of the U.S.

Wild, anyone?

First backpack trip
My first backpack trip.

My fascination with the PCT started when I joined a group of women from my church on my very first backpacking trip about 9 years ago.  Not only did we do part of the section north of Hart’s Pass in the North Cascades, my friend Laura had done about 2/3 of the trail in her 20s with her husband and had stories to tell.  How could you not fall in love with this trail after that?

But it wasn’t until 2012, after more years of experience and a showing of the movie 6 Million Steps at my local Mountaineers that I decided I wanted to start hiking the PCT.


I had a job that allowed me summers off, so a section hike would be perfect.  WA one year, OR the next and then CA in pieces.  That was my plan.

Well, plans are tend to change.

Washington PCT 2013

Oregon PCT 2014-16

Check out my resource page HERE for information on planning your very own PCT hike.

Mt. Thielsen, Oregon PCT
Mt. Thielsen, Oregon PCT

Feel here to contact me if you have any questions or need any tips!


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