Drift Creek Falls

Mileage: 3.2-3.5 miles RT (The suspension bridge and falls are 1.3 miles in)

Elevation Gain: 280ft (coastal hike)

Map: US Forest Service

Favorite Eats After Hike: Pack A Cooler

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:


After leaving the beach at Cape Kiwanda and driving down HWY 101, we thought we would have time for one more hike before camping out.  The drive was a little bit further off 101 than I thought so we didn’t hit the trail until almost 4pm (thus the less than perfect pictures).  The area had clearly seen a lot of wind recently, multiple branches down on the road but nothing major.  There were plenty of signs for the TH.

We quickly hit the trail and brought our headlamps along for the return trip.  It was a wide, well maintained trail but there was plenty of mud from recent rain.

I loved the moss covered trees and how the trail follows the creek from above and you catch glimpses of it as you walk along.

I imagine this is a popular trail with it’s easy grade, multiple bridge crossings and a bench at .5 miles for resting.

It descended gently towards the main attraction, a 240ft suspension bridge and 75ft waterfall that juts out of the basalt columned cliff of the Drift Creek.

The bridge across gives you the views of the waterfall and there is room for a little meandering on the other side.

A trek down to the pools below was wet and slick, I stopped about half way.  Our walk back was in the dark and aided by our headlamps.

Can’t wait to return on another road trip but with more daylight for exploring!


Directions: From HWY 101 south of Lincoln City, north of Salishan, turn east on Drift Creek Rd, then right on South Drift Creek Road in 1/4 mile. Turn left onto FR 17. Stay  17 to TH, approximately 10 miles. You will need a NW Forest Pass.

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