Oregon PCT

Oregon was all about the water.

After hiking the Washington section of the Pacific Crest Trail, I knew I would be continuing my journey into Oregon.  I also knew it would present some different challenges.

Being further from home, I would not have the same convenience of family and friends meeting me at passes for resupply.  Oregon also has several route alternates; places where you can take a different trail (one often more scenic than the other).  I didn’t want to have to choose, I wanted to do it all.

But more importantly, doing 5 weeks on the trail wiped me out.  My body was done at about 4 weeks but I finished my trek anyway.  I dealt with foot pain almost into the next summer (turned out I had bone spurs and arthritis I didn’t know about).  The rebound from all that exercise back to regular life was not good for my metabolism.  My gut health suffered from the lack of regular fresh food.

So, I decided to break up Oregon and do shorter “loops” and “ins and outs” keeping it to a few weeks at a time.

My Oregon PCT took me from 2014-2016 to complete from the Washington State border to Ashland, Oregon.

Technically, there is about 30 more miles to get to the California border but there is no trail out from there.  This means you have to continue down into California or do a 60 mile “in and out”.  In my opinion, the area is not worth doing twice so I will save it for if I decide to take on California.  Right now, it’s not high on my list.

These are my trail journals from my yearly treks to Oregon:

You can find links to resources for hiking the PCT by clicking the picture below.

Mt. Jefferson, OR PCT

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