Colonel Bob Peak

Mileage: 8.2 miles RT

Elevation Gain/Highest: 3500/4510ft

Map: Green Trails Grisdale No. 198, Custom Correct Quinault-Colonel Bob

Favorite Eats After Hike: Pack A Cooler

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

8/2014  It is funny how some hikes will just catch your eye. This obscure little gem caught mine because my grandfather was a Colonel Bob so it only seemed fitting to go check it out.  After getting to the end of 2014 without a trip in the Olympics, I used a few days before Labor Day and going back to work to head over for a onenighter on the Peninsula.  The trailhead had plenty of signs warning of cougar in the area, so you can guess what was on my mind most of the hike.

It was on this hike that I declared that rain forests were better to hike in any time except summer because the humidity and very busy spiders are not conducive to hiking with a full pack. Even when I cleared the forest, the tight, steep switchbacks up the slope were overgrown and slowed me down dramatically. I could see why some folks take the longer, easier trail from Lake Quinalt. I didn’t arrive at the campsites below the peak at Moonshine Flats until dinner time and I quickly set up camp and had a bit to eat before heading

It is a bit of a scramble up to the peak but I had left most of my gear down at camp so the load was light. The views from the were amazing: the ocean, Lake Quinalt, Mt. Olympus all with a sunset glow. I must admit I didn’t sleep well with the thought of possible wildcats circling my tent. Luckily, nothing but imagination kept me awake.

The hike out was quick and uneventful but once in the car I had my excitement for the trip. Driving down the road, I did have a cougar cross in front of me! Oh, I was thankful to already be safely within the car.

Directions: From Hoquiam, drive north for 25 miles on US 101. Turn right onto Donkey Creek Road (FR 22, Wynoochee Lake). Follow the road for 8 miles then turn left onto FR 2204. Continue 11 miles to the Pete’s Creek TH. You will need a Northwest Trail Pass.

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