Clallam Bay Spit


Map: USGS Clallam Bay

Favorite Eats After Hike: Pacific Pizza or Turnip The Beet

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

11/26/2016 After waiting out the rain in Forks and getting a tip from the owner of Destiny Gift & Thrift, we drove over to Clallam Bay Spit for what was promised to be prime beachcombing territory.  They had told us about a secret place to park which was good because if you pull into the official parking lot for the spit, you see a trail that leads to a bridge that supposedly goes over to the spit but actually ends midair with a gate. So, remembering what they had told us in the store, we went out and followed Frontier Rd (at the bend of SR112) south, turned left at the T and parked at the sign for the sheriff’s office. There was a little trail along a fence for someone’s private property, but we stayed on the other side down to the beach. It was an amazing little cove and although we didn’t find much more than living treasures in its many tidepools, we walked out to Spit Point among the old lighthouse boardwalk pilings and watched the colorful sunset color the sky.

Directions: From Port Angeles, you can either follow SR112 50 miles to Clallam Bay or stay on 101 and turn right onto 113 and follow the signs into Clallam Bay. From Forks, follow 101 north to 113 and turn left. When driving through town towards the water, 112 bends to the left to continue out of town. Here, you will see the parking lot for the community beach.  On your right will be a small strip of stores with the Sunsets West Co-op and other shops. Turn right onto Frontier St and follow my directions above.

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