Beach 4


Map: Green Trails La Push No 163s

Favorite Eats After Hike: Pacific Pizza

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.


My Hike:

11/27/16 With the high tide, we had to drive from Kalaloch to this beach instead of our original plan of walking the beach north. We followed the trail downhill to a whimsical driftwood bridge that takes you out onto a large rock pile you scramble down to the beach.

It was fun to watch the waves come in closer and closer but we had to watch to make sure we didn’t get stuck without a way back. We walked south first, admiring the rock piles and large pieces of driftwood on the shore. It was a wonder that the cliff walls do not collapse more often with the constant pounding of the waves and how the large chunks that do fall down stay intact despite looking like loose layers of pebbles.

By the time we turned back to the bridge, we had to time our steps with the encroaching waves and when we got there the rushing water had us hopping onto the rocks to stay dry. Perched here we watched them crash closer and closer up onto the shore and rocky striated cliff walls of the beach. We were reminded of malt milkshakes and bubblebaths as the seafoam ribbons left their mark on the sand and rocks.

I just love watching the waves come in and wash back out…

Directions: Beach 4 is located 72 miles north from Hoquiam or 106 miles from Port Angeles on HWY 101 on the Olympic Peninsula (between MP 160 & 161).  There is a large brown sign for the beach and you turn into a good sized parking lot with a vault toilet and short interpretive walk.

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