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My Favorite 10 Hikes of 2016


It is so hard to believe that 2016 is almost to a close, where did the year go? I love going through my hikes for the year not only to relive them but to remind myself of all the ones I had on my list and didn’t get to.  It wasn’t my highest count at only 77 hikes (8 of those as part of  trail work parties and 4 were backpacking trips). Definitely did not spend as many days overnight as I have in the past, going to have to work on that for next year!

I love all my hikes for a variety of reasons. Here are the ones that stand out as being my favorites for the year. Some were for the scenery, some for the adventure, others were for the company (or lack there of) I had out in God’s country and some are for all those reasons.


Want to join me in 2017?

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