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Meal Planning Boot Camp Days 5 and 6 Plus Bring Back The Booch!

My days seem to be bunching up on me but I guess that’s how it is. I can’t believe it is the weekend already and time to be thinking about next week’s meal planning all over again.  That’s okay, I’m ready!

What Have I Done So Far?

Let’s do a little recap of the daily boot camp meal planning challenges I have accomplished up to this point:

Wow, that’s a lot.  Yay, me!

Day 5

My challenge this day was to take 20 minutes to prep ingredients for future meals, something that would be a part of my preparation day in the future.  Hmmm…I guess I had done this a little bit on Sunday so I took a few minutes to look at what I had to cook for the rest of this week and what I could do in a larger batch now.  That turned out to just be onions.  Wahoo!  And truth be told, if I knew I had a lot of onions to cook in any given week, I’d have picked up some pre-chopped at Trader Joe’s, for example.  No sense crying over chopped onions…

Oh, and I have had to adjust my week because I was going to do my double-freeze-dehydrate meal Thursday but my friend Steffanie asked to go to dinner that night. So, I moved the stir fry to Friday and my Sneaky Turkey Stroganoff to Wednesday so I could still batch cook and use up what I had for ingredients (defrosted ground turkey). I served the stroganoff with cauliflower rice and added baby kale to the leftover jars as they had some room.  Now I have the stroganoff dehydrating and several jars of leftovers. Read more about this recipe and how to dehydrate HERE.

Day 6

Day 6’s challenge was about making a double batch and freezing some for the future.  This was my Day 5 because I had to adjust.  It was, also, about looking at some of the favorite meals on my list from Day 2 and thinking about something I could prep now and store in the freezer.  Soooo, that was what I did last night in anticipation (thus, all the stroganoff). I know, I’m not a very good rule follower but I am a great mind reader!  Just ask my fiancé.  If you are a rule follower, I apologize if this seems all confusing and jumbled up.  Hopefully, you are getting some good nuggets anyway.

Kombucha Returns

And for those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know that last fall I talked about experimenting with making my own kombucha and how easy it was.  You may have also noticed I stopped talking about it.  Well, eventually I had a batch go too far to vinegar and I took it as an opportunity to take a break.  Having SCOBYs is pretty much like breeding rabbits or making Amish friendship bread and my system of maintaining a consistent temperature needed some modification.  I received a great new book, The Big Book of Kombucha, from the folks at Kombucha Kamp for my birthday from my fiancé (look how I said fiancé twice three times in one post) and it inspired me to learn more.

A year later I am taking kombucha brewing back up again (if only to save my pocketbook from my daily habit of running to the store for a bottle). My friend, Sarah, who also brews her own kombucha had a few rabbits SCOBYs to share along with starter tea AND she told me about her trick of using a special heating pad to keep the brew at the right temperature.  Let’s see if I can get this thing going again!


So, what am I celebrating the most this last week?   I didn’t go out to eat out or run to the grocery store for ANYTHING!

We are a little more than half way through the 10 Day Meal Planning Boot Camp and if you are joining this in the middle or aren’t sure exactly what the daily challenges are, I am going to do a recap at the end and put it all together for you!  If you want to start at the beginning, read Meal Planning Boot Camp: Preparation and Day 1.

For more information about dehydrating your own meals, visit Dehydrating 101.  For why I eat Paleo, my Why Paleo is a good place to start!

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11 thoughts on “Meal Planning Boot Camp Days 5 and 6 Plus Bring Back The Booch!

    1. Thank you, Suzie! Sometimes we just need a little visualization to get things going. It’s one thing to think healthy, it’s a whole other to make it work. 🙂

  1. hehehe. I love that preparation includes cleaning off your kitchen counter. That always takes a while for me too!!

    1. Thank you! I, also, found out about using the light in your oven so I’m going to try a batch that way, too. I guess it will warm you oven just enough for kombucha (and other things like letting your bread rise)!

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