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Paleo Cracklin' No Oat Bran Cereal #paleo #breakfast #grainfree #glutenfree #hiking #backpacking Must Hike Must Eat

11+ Ideas For Paleo Breakfasts On The Trail That Don’t Need A Dehydrator

One of the most important decisions you are going to make for your next backpacking trip is what you are going to eat for you paleo breakfast!

I want to make it as easy for you as possible to keep to your paleo lifestyle while you are out in the backcountry with these 11 recipes that don’t need a dehydrator and you can usually whip up shortly before your trip if you need to.  Not that I recommend that, take some time now to make some of these delicious breakfasts and store them. That way, you will be less likely to resort to foods that don’t meet your goals.

Some of them are on the sweet side, some are straight up a protein boost and others are in between.  You know yourself best and what you need as you get out of your tent and face the day.

Below these 11 paleo breakfast ideas, I share more ideas for foods you can eat first thing in the morning on your outdoor treks, you are sure to find some inspiration to keep you sustained on your adventures.  Click on the photos for the recipe!


Paleo Breakfast Cereals and Granolas In A Bowl

If you just have to have your cereal or granola on the trail, these paleo breakfast recipes are perfect.  Lightly sweetened and served with powdered coconut milk or milk of your choice, they are hearty goodness in a bowl.  Of course, you don’t have to eat them in a bowl, they are great right out of the bag!

1. Chocolate Paleo Granola

Chocolate Granola Must Hike Must Eat Hiking Backpacking Paleo Recipes Pacific Northwest

2. Put The Lime In The Coconut Pineapple Granola

Lime Coconut Pineapple Paleo Granola for you next backpacking trip!

3. Paleo Cracklin’ No Oat Bran

Paleo Cracklin' No Oat Bran Cereal #paleo #breakfast #grainfree #glutenfree #hiking #backpacking Must Hike Must Eat


Breads and Cookies Make A Great Paleo Breakfast

If you would like something a little bit portable and not as sweet, these paleo breakfast breads and cookies fit the bill.  Plus, they freeze wonderfully ahead of time so you can just pull a few from the freezer and head out the door.

4. Plantain Breakfast Cookies

Plantain Chia Seed Breakfast Cookies Paleo Vegetarian Gluten Free Must Hike Must Eat

5. Stone Age Bread

Paleo Travel Food Stone Age Bread

6. Savory Kale Stone Age Bread

Savory Kale Stone Age Bread

7. Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Double Chocolate Banana Bread #paleo #bread #grainfree #glutenfree #banana #chocolate Must Hike Must Ea


Energy Bites and Nut Butter For A Quick Paleo Breakfast

These breakfast recipes serve double time, both as a paleo breakfast and as a snack.  A mix of protein, fat and carbohydrates, some of them even hide vegetables and supplements for an extra boost!

8. Bacon Pineapple Energy Bites

Bacon Pineapple Energy Balls for your next outdoor adventure! Filled with whole foodpaleo ingredients and just a bit of spice!

9. Hickory Smoke Lara Bars

HIckory Smoke Larabars #dates #almonds #paleo #vegan #trail #snack

10. Classic Spumoni Energy Balls

Classic Spumoni Energy Balls #paleo #vegan #hiking #backpacking #snack #easy

11. Guayaba Coco Con Col Rizada (Guava with Kale) Energy Balls

Guayaba Coco Con Col Rizada Energy Balls Guava Coconut Kale Paleo and Vegan! #hiking #backpacking #snack #healthy

12. Paleo Mocha Nut Butter

Paleo Mocha Nut Butter High Calorie Trail Food #paleo #hiking #backpacking #nutrition Must Hike Must Eat


More Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Many of these breakfast ideas can be supplemented with other foods that will last for several days in the backcountry, like bacon, hard-boiled eggs or mini oranges.  Instead of thinking of breakfast as one whole meal, think about different components you can bring separately to mix and match.

Don’t limit yourself to what we traditionally think of as breakfast when it comes to planning for your next backpacking trip.  Almost any food that you love to eat on trail can serve as a great breakfast option.  Sometimes what we think we will want to eat turns out to not be so appetizing on trail. We may want to eat less sweet things but can’t seem to stomach anything salty or spicy.  Having a variety of options while on trail means always having something to eat when we need it.  You may find yourself eating dinner for breakfast or vice versa!

And if you are sticking to a lower carbohydrate meal plan, I suggest trying things like jerky or seasoned coconut or nuts for breakfast.   You may even want a keto smoothie on the trail. You can find these recipes and more on my Hiking and Backpacking Paleo Recipe Index.  I also suggest checking out my How To Go Day Hiking Paleo page for easy lunch and snack ideas that would also work well first thing in the morning and don’t require a lot of prep.  Who hasn’t eaten trail mix for breakfast??


What do you like to eat first thing in the morning?  Are you more of a traditional breakfast eater or does anything go?


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11 Paleo Breakfast Ideas For Backpacking That Don't Need A Dehydrator! #hiking #backpacking #paleo #glutenfree

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