Freund Canyon Road

Mileage: 1.5 miles RT (the entire loop is 7.3 from the TH)

Elevation Gain/Highest: 500/1898ft  (1800ft gain on loop)

Map: Green Trails Leavenworth No 178, my GAIA

Favorite Eats After Hike: Gustav’s

Find out current conditions and as always, practice Leave No Trace.  Pretty Please.

My Hike:

 3/31/2017     My motto wherever I go is, if there is a trail, I’m going to find it.  I was in Leavenworth for the weekend and wanted to do a short hike Friday night when I got there so I pulled out my Green Trails for Leavenworth and looked for the closest green line to town.  I spotted some just to the northeast of downtown and figured it would be snow free enough for me to check out.

I could see the turn was off the Chumstick HWY onto a road called Freund Canyon.  I, then, followed this until I spotted a sign for Freund Canyon and took the turn. The road was good until you turn on the second Y to the TH where it ends abruptly with snow. There was room to park, maybe 2 cars. It was clear that the trail was bike friendly from the tracks in the snow.

From my car, I could see 3 abandoned “trails” that started up the ridge so instead of taking the road, I just picked the steepest one and headed up. It was covered with intermittent snow and brush and I was pulling myself up and using my hands in places.  My goal was just to get up high enough to the ridge so I could see down into the valley.

Eventually I made it up higher on the ridge where it was snow free and there was a boot path (game trail?) to follow up. My guess was that this was either just a local trail for those who live in the area or for more adventuresome bikers who like it steep.

I was aiming for the first “summit” on a ridge I could get to with hopes of views before the sun went down. I was rewarded shortly when I hit the beginning of the ridge and an old road that ran it. It looked like I could continue for a bit, so I walked the ridge until the next high point.

There didn’t seem to be a smart way up so I walked the snow covered road (biker trail) until it came down on the other side and I turned back on it to go up. I could see down into the Chumstick Valley on one side and up the canyon on the other. My favorite part? A warm breeze and little spring flowers starting among the flattened hilltop freshly freed from winter’s snow.

On the way down, there was a path to go back on, even if it was a bit sandy.

From here, as is often the case, there was a more gradual trail to follow than the stairclimber I went up that lead me to the bridge you cross when coming up the road to the TH.

I then completed the loop by walking up to my car.  This was a perfect way to start my weekend and I’ll remember it for when I am in Leavenworth again.  Hopefully next time the snow will be receded and I can walk the whole thing OR maybe do it as a snowshoe.


Directions:  Drive through Leavenworth and turn north on  to Chumstick HWY towards Plain. Drive 1.7 miles and make a left hand turn over the railroad tracks onto Freund Canyon Road (7702).  Follow this road as it runs parallel to the HWY and then continue when it makes a sharp left onto a dirt road (there is a sign for Freund Canyon).  Shortly there will be a Y in the road, keep left.  It will look like you are driving onto private property but continue over a small bridge and up the dirt road.  You will come to another Y shortly and keep left again to come to the TH. 


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