Friday Faves

Friday Faves 5/19/2017

Wahoo, TGIF! These are some of my favorite articles and links that I checked out this week.

Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE!

 I’ll be taking a break from my Friday Faves series after this post, most likely until the fall.  As I head into summer, odds are I will not be spending enough time online to make it worth giving you a synopsis every week.  However  if you follow me on social media, anything I DO find to share will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.  Just another good reason to follow me there!

Mark’s Daily Apple

I have to admit this post had me worried for a minute.  Having followed a Paleo lifestyle for 5+ years now, I have seen things go from very strict to more relaxed as folks have added things like potatoes and rice back in depending on their goals.  But wheat?  Really?  My favorite:  “Most importantly, without the Pyramid, we wouldn’t have known we’re supposed to eat between 6 and 11 servings of wheat.  Without wheat, the Pyramid crumbles. Without wheat, there is no America.”

7 Reasons To Love Wheat

Well Fed

Melissa is the queen of paleo prep cooking, she will have you set for the week with just a few hours of cooking on the weekend.  She has recently moved or Prague and sharing what that means and I am enjoying living vicariously through her bravery to pick up and move abroad.

Five Paleo Dinner To Cook Next Week

Beauty Beyond Bones

This is a blog I follow from my other WordPress account, BBB shares about her faith and battle back from severe anorexia.  She writes about how she listened to a podcast about the disappearance of Richard Simmons, interviews from those who knew him and lots of other details about his life.  She is writing her own book about HER life and talks about the difference in sharing a story about one’s life, one YOU share freely, versus the podcast done without permission.  And how we need to be careful to appreciate that difference.

Finding Richard Simmons

Half Baked Harvest

Okay, so this recipe will need some serious modification but I love antipasto salad and the thought of eating it as a skewer sounds like fun!  Mostly swapping the bread, tomatoes and peppers out with mushrooms, asparagus and more of the other skewer items.  And make the pesto without the cheese.  Yum!

Antipasto Skewers with Kale Pesto

Witch Wandering

I first shared this blog with you when she was walking the Oregon Coast Trail last year.  I just like her style, real and raw.  She is now out on the Pacific Crest Trail headed northbound and I’m following her journey once again.  I love how she talks about her connection with nature.  I can also completely relate to how things like thermals become our security blankets when out hiking long distances.

Day 7

Section Hiker

I have a post sitting somewhere in drafts and it looks pretty much like this one so I’m just going to put this here so you can learn some of the things I have learned since using my GAIA app on trail.  Particularly how cold weather drains battery like nothing so keep that phone warm and close to your body.  Check out some of his other tips!

GAIAGPS App Setup and Battery Management Tips

Survival Lilly

Someone shared Lilly with me while back and every once in a while I check in to see what she is up to in the way of survival skills videos.  Who doesn’t want to know how to open a coconut after seeing Castaway or watching Survivor?  Even better than the video are the comments on YouTube, ranging from warning her she needs to be careful not to cut herself to cries of  “WILSON!!!!!!”.  If you haven’t watched any of her how-to’s, now’s the time to start.

How To Open A Coconut With A Knife

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