Friday Faves

Friday Faves 5/12/2017

Wahoo, TGIF! These are some of my favorite articles and links that I checked out this week.

Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE!

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U.S. Department of The Interior

For the first time ever, the public can comment on the list of national monuments under review in the latest attack on our public lands.  Some of the ones listed are Mojave, Vermillion Cliffs, Craters of The Moon, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Grand Canyon-Parashant, San Gabriel Mountains, and more. Now is the time to let your voice be heard (beyond Facebook).  Sometimes it feels like you don’t have a say, this is a time that you do.

Monument Review

Eat Your Way Clean

If you are looking for something delicious to make Mom for brunch on Mother’s Day, here is your dish.  Did you see it says bacon??  She does use russet potatoes, which aren’t nightshade friendly and a gray area for some paleo folks, but you could either skip those and just add a few more eggs or experiment with sweet potatoes or cauliflower like I will.

Grain Free Bacon Spinach Quiche

The Big Outside

The Narrows was a part of Zion that was closed while we were there so we couldn’t try it as a day hike but if I go back I would love to backpack in.  Turns out permits can be tricky, as most popular spots are.  This post gave me some tips I can use for planning my next trip south.

Luck of The Draw, Part 2: Backpacking Zion’s Narrows

Wandering Chardonnay

I’ve been trying to listen to more podcasts lately, particularly hiking podcasts.  This was a fun one from Hiking Like A Woman from a gal hoping to complete her Triple Crown this year on the CDT.  Just like I said, “Umm” too many times in my first one, her fallback is a touch of the giggles.

Podcast Giggles


Elizabeth and I have continued to discuss our plans to return to the Wallowas and Eagle Cap Wilderness this summer and the amount of snow we may encounter during the week we plan to go.  She has said she will never do a desert hike with me after our 30+ mile dry stretch into Crater Lake on the PCT, but maybe this year would be a good year to try a section of the ODT?  Things may still be a bit wet when we get there…

The Oregon Desert Is Hot!

Marks Daily Apple

Mark always comes up with some of the best salad ideas and how can you beat smoked salmon and avocado?  He does list his own Caesar dressing to go with this but I will probably make my own using a recipe like this, it’s pretty easy to make.

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Caeser Salad

That Backpacker

I love hiking and backpacking, but road trips are the bomb, too.  Exploring out of the way and quirky places is just as much an adventure as climbing to a new mountain top.  If I could do this one and throw in a few day hikes, I might put this on my list.  Just to say I did.

Driving The Extraterrestrial Highway: A Nevada Roadtrip In Search Of Aliens

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