Friday Faves

Friday Faves 12/29/2017

Wahoo, TGIF! Here’s to a new year filled with adventure and hope. These are some of my favorite articles and links this week.

Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE!

Section Hiker

It’s always great to see people write about the hike they DIDN’T complete because it reminds all of us it is okay to call a trip for any number of reasons, safety often being the most important one.

Thirteen Falls Backpacking Loop Attempt

The First 40 Miles

Okay, I may be biting off more than I can chew this year but after listening to this podcast I have made it my goal to learn how to operate an amateur radio.  I have a few friends that already do and I think it would be a great asset for being outdoors. Look for an upcoming post about how I go all about it!

160: HAM: The Amateur Radio Show



This caught my eye mostly because it was more than one person but of course, who hasn’t been caught up in all that is going on around breaking the silence around sexual harassment in the work place.  My bf and I were even talking about it and that says a lot. I know it’s hard for some to understand (the whole “why now?” thing) but hopefully the more we talk about the difference between “fooling around” and being made to feel that fooling around by someone who has power over you is what is required for your job, maybe there will be change.

Person of The Year

Hike And Cycle

Are you looking to hike a long trail this year?  Maybe the AT? This is a great place to get started with plenty of planning details and things you need to know to have a successful hike, or at least an attempt!

Appalachian Trail 101: The Complete Guide For Beginners


Trail To Peak: The Adventurous Path

I guess things are a little cold up north and folks are just having a grand old time out on the lakes.  Ice skating on the lakes, that is.  It has always seemed a little risky to me but then we don’t do it a lot around here.  Have you ever done it?  Would you?

Skating On The Spray


A Woman Afoot

This is another UK blog I have checked out recently and in addition to the good tips, I find it interesting to see where folks camp in other parts of the world.  It, also, helps me appreciate my backcountry experiences at home all that much more!

How To Set Up A Tent Up In High Winds

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