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Friday Faves 11/24/2017

Wahoo, TGIF! And it’s #OptOutside, too! Lately, I have been trying out some new blogs. These are some of my favorite that I checked out this week.

Enjoy them.  Then GET OUTSIDE!

The Hiking Life

This has to be one of the most comprehensive lists of lightweight and ultralight weight backpacks I have read in a long time, illustrated with pictures of the hikers that have made them popular. There might be one in here you need to ask Santa for (even if you aren’t planning a thru-hike)!

Backpacks For Thru Hikers

Nomadic Matt

Now, although the idea of traveling around the world hides deep down in my soul, but that’s a long time to be away from home.  Unless you can talk someone into going with you.  Hint, hint if you are reading this, oh bf of mine. Matt is running a contest RIGHT NOW that you could win a trip around the world.  You have to show you bought the book but that’s a small price to pay for such a big trip.  I might pick it up because who couldn’t use some tips on saving money on travel?

Win A Trip Around The World

What The Fork

Looking for some new gluten free recipe blogs to follow? Sharon has a fantastic list over on her blog that I am slowly making my way through. Baked True North, Celiac On The Range, and The Celtic Celiac are just a few. And don’t forget to check out some of her recipes, too.  I’m going to try her Whole 30 Breakfast Sausage!

Gluten Free Blog Network

Beauty From Ashes

Cindy writes about some of the same things I do on Must Hike Must Eat (as well as my other blog).  Parenting, motherhood and marriage, and Christianity.  I loved this one because it reminded me of how the things we beat ourselves up as mothers (parents) are things our children don’t even remember.  We just need to let go of our idea of perfection and appreciate the beauty of the most important “job” in the world.

Perfect Mothers and How They Never Existed

Lemon ‘N Lyme

Victoria writes on her blog about living with Lyme’s Disease, what she has learned and how she manages life with this chronic illness.  In this post she talks about the importance of movement, something we can all benefit from.  I always say, “Move it or lose it!”  As someone who has arthritis (and now recovering from an injury), I have to keep myself moving even when I am in pain.  Head on over and read her story…

Why Movement IS important Even When You Have A Chronic Illness


You Are Awesome

This post by Angela caught my eye because with the season shortly upon us where your Facebook feed is filled with that darn elf anywhere but on a shelf (unless that fad has passed, one can only hope), who isn’t worried about elves?  Just kidding, I clicked because I am (and maybe you are, too) intrigued by the word “bias”.  We all have it, go see what she plans to share about it.

Cognitive Bias Series: Taming The Elves In Our Brains

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One thought on “Friday Faves 11/24/2017

  1. Thank you for the mention! I am excited about the cognitive bias series. There are so many interesting ideas to explore out there and bias continues to fascinate me.
    The other blogs you mention here also sound awesome. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the parenting thing–we torture ourselves and most of the time the incident we worried about is the tiniest grain of inconsequential sand. Interestingly, this effect could be caused by the elves in our brains (pesky cognitive biases!).

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