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I really hate to have a separate page for the gals because that could lead one to believe that there is some kind of bogus accommodation needed for us.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  However, there simply are things we have to think about and plan for that the guys don’t.  I will be posting articles and gear here that I and other women have found helpful when spending time in the wilderness.


Great Website! Hiking For Her

Article: Incredible Outdoor Moms

Jennifer Pharr Davis
Jennifer Pharr Davis

First Woman to Hike the AT: Grandma Gatewood

Article: 22 Things Only Female Adventures Will Understand

Article: A Primer on Peeing Outdoors

Food for Thought: Why Do We Teach Girls It’s Cute To Be Scared?

Love Boots McFarland
Love Boots McFarland

The Diva Cup

Who doesn't dread it?
Who doesn’t dread it?

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