Eastern WA

I’m not entirely sure what the official definition of Eastern Washington is, but in my mind it is anything on the other side of the passes.  According to the book Day Hiking Eastern Washington, it looks like they count anything east of Wenatchee/Ellensburg/Yakima.  Although I lived on the “other side” of the state for 6 years, during that time I was a less obsessed hiker and wasn’t really keeping track of my hikes along the 195 corridor and Spokane.  It has only been in the last few years (now that I’m back on this side) that I make a pointed effort to hike more there using the aforementioned book.  Usually early season when I am craving more sun and before the temperatures soar and make hiking pretty miserable.  I’ve included some of them here and maybe a few a bit closer to the west side then would be considered Eastern WA but still on the more arid part of the state.


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