Stone Age Bread and Squirrels

  This is going to be harder than I thought.  Turns out, I am having a hard time doing a lot of the things that make me happy, not just hiking and being outdoors.  Aside from simply being exhausted from recovery, by the end of the day I am not accomplishing much more than breathing, […]

Homemade Bouillon Powder

Editor note: Let me just admit here how many times I had to think about the spelling of the word bouillon while writing this and that was after looking it up multiple times to make sure.  It was a lot.  Like every time I wrote it.  Bull-yawn.  It’s a tricky word.  Even now I look up […]

Easy Cheesy Pasta (Paleo & Vegan)

Last month we had a chance to get away for an overnighter in the snow and I tried out a new recipe on the bf.  I had been thinking about how to create something close to macaroni and cheese, a dish that really defies being “paleofied”.  I have been making macaroni and cheese from scratch […]

Smoky Bacon Sweet Potatoes

This was a little variation of my Sweet Potato Staples recipe that I took on my backdoor hike to Snow Lake via the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Trail I did in November. This year I have started taking warm food in addition to warm beverages because nothing tastes better when you have to stop moving […]

Lemon Tarragon Chicken Salad

#shreddedcabbage #cannedchicken #sunflowerseeds #oliveoil #lemon #tarragon #seasalt This recipe is for car camping and shorter trips into the backcountry where weight is not as much of an issue or you just want to enjoy something more fresh.  I packed this for our trip to Colorado this summer, as well as our weekend jaunt to the […]

Prosciutto Date Wraps

When I first starting packing my lunches for backpacking, my standard was pepperoni or salami with hard cheese* and a cracker of some kind. However, trying to avoid nightshades has seriously reduced the ability to just pick up some pepperoni slices or salami log without some kind of pepper in it. I started looking for […]


Mandarin Ginger Brussels Slaw

Brussels sprouts are one of those things that most of us remember as hating in childhood.  Like having to stay-at-the-table-until-you-finish-your-dinner kind of hating.  It wasn’t until going paleo that I truly came to appreciate all the wonderful ways I could eat these little mini cabbages besides just steamed and doused in vinegar.  Yep, that’s how […]

Pumpkin Curry Sauce

As much as I love fall, it is a really hard time of year. I go from a very active summer, hiking 10-20 (or more) miles a day, sometimes 4-5 days a week to sitting at a desk job. No amount of morning situps, lunch time walks or bedtime yoga can match that. The real […]