Cream of Wild Chanterelle Soup

This is kind of a bonus recipe because it isn’t really for backpacking but for when you come back from the woods with some delicious little morsels and want something yummy to make with them!  And, since the weather is usually the kind that makes you want to stay home but you braved the outdoors […]

Paleo Polenta or Grits

Sometimes I am amazed at the new foods that I have been incorporating into my diet since making the change to a whole foods, paleo lifestyle.  Although I ate more than my share of unique things growing up (my mom was born and raised in the Philippines), it turns out there are still so many […]

Homemade Bouillon Powder

Editor note: Let me just admit here how many times I had to think about the spelling of the word bouillon while writing this and that was after looking it up multiple times to make sure.  It was a lot.  Like every time I wrote it.  Bull-yawn.  It’s a tricky word.  Even now I look up […]

Nightshade Free Marinara

It’s been a rough week, mostly because my lovely bf has torn his meniscus. He was out on his “Course 2”, preparing to be a SAR leader with a group of SAR trainees when he stepped wrong.  The next thing you know, they are carrying him out on a litter.  The trainer becomes the subject; […]

Easy Cheesy Pasta (Paleo & Vegan)

Last month we had a chance to get away for an overnighter in the snow and I tried out a new recipe on the bf.  I had been thinking about how to create something close to macaroni and cheese, a dish that really defies being “paleofied”.  I have been making macaroni and cheese from scratch […]

Smoky Bacon Sweet Potatoes

This was a little variation of my Sweet Potato Staples recipe that I took on my backdoor hike to Snow Lake via the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Trail I did in November. This year I have started taking warm food in addition to warm beverages because nothing tastes better when you have to stop moving […]

Lamb With Rosemary Meatballs and Jerky

  You know those racks of snack items that REI has lining the checkout line “gauntlet”? Well, this little treat caught my eye in July before my Eagle Cap Wilderness backpacking trip: Mediterranean Lamb Meat & Veggie Bars. You know me, any chance I can sneak in those veggies! I also picked it up because it has a […]

Lemon Tarragon Chicken Salad

#shreddedcabbage #cannedchicken #sunflowerseeds #oliveoil #lemon #tarragon #seasalt This recipe is for car camping and shorter trips into the backcountry where weight is not as much of an issue or you just want to enjoy something more fresh.  I packed this for our trip to Colorado this summer, as well as our weekend jaunt to the […]