Golden Milk or Turmeric Tea For The Trail

I am just getting back from my 8 day Glacier Peak Wilderness work party with the Pacific Crest Trail Association and I’ll just say, it was about 1 day too long.  6 days of manual labor up and down those crazy switchbacks bookended by 13 mile hikes is just a bit much for one spell of time outdoors.  Especially […]

Banana Fudge Smoothie Leather

Last summer, I did some experimenting with adding more supplemental nutrition to my backpacking diet. The year before I added an electrolyte replenisher.  This year, I tried for a smoothie. At home, for many, smoothies are great way to include a lot of nutrition in one “meal” that can include protein powders, electrolytes and other […]


Paleo Hot Cocoa

  All this talk about “storm of the century” and “battin’ down the hatches” here in the Pacific Northwest has me cranking up the heat, pulling my down booties out from under the bed and wanting nothing more than cuddle under the flannel sheets with a good book. So instead of running out for provisions […]