Mesa Verde National Park

We spent two nights in the park and explored as much as we could.

I can’t tell you how much I love visiting old ruins and feeling connected somehow to those who came before us.  To take advantage of our time there, we signed up for all the tours we could and did some self guided ones, as well.

We also had time in the early morning hours before it got too hot to hike out on the Prater Trail that started by the campground in the park where we camped.

We loved exploring the centuries old structures and learning about the first people who lived in them. Seeing the paintings, handprints worn into weathered rock and marveling at how they were able to live in such a harsh environment. We even ran into a wild horse on our hike!

My boyfriend also enjoyed looking for the burn area that he helped fight back in his college days.  He even has a bit of his own history in the park.

The drive to the different areas was long at times but with a little planning it was worth it and very scenic.  You just have to adjust to a slower pace and allow time to stop at the viewpoints along the way.  And make sure you pack snacks and cold drinks to keep everyone happy!

There are various sites to help with your planning, such as and the NPS.

For more of the national parks, hikes and other stops on our road trip through Utah and Colorado, visit my page Beyond The PNW!

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